People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Never before have I been more acutely aware of this saying than now… Never before had I imagined I would fall victim to my own ranting, either.

Yet, here I am – committing a marketing blunder so basic that had I been a mere observer of the situation, I would be thinking of myself as a person completely out of his depth and full of hot air.

It all unfolded as a result of a pre-Easter inter-company teambuilding treasure hunt competition we had at work. Basically, each participating team had to come up with a team name and some cool outfit as special prizes for the team with the most likeable one were also envisaged.

So, we did – we were making special T-shirts that would wish “Happy Easter” through a riddle. As we were discussing it all, my colleagues were saying – “Your blog could do with some extra promotional push, you know. Why don’t we feature it on the back of the T-shirts? Running around in them could help you drum up some brand awareness”

I fell with the idea immediately – all the more it tied well with the name of the team, too.

So, I took the logo, put it on the page of the design that was supposed to represent the back of the T-shirt and went on to discuss the more important front part.

Having reached a consensus on it, it was also my task to go and place an order for printing the design off.

And happily I went… only to realize the minute I had come back to the office the shocking truth that I had forgotten to put the contact details of the blog – there was no link, no Facebook page, no Twitter account handle, only a logo, thus leaving people, who had not heard of it, absolutely no way of finding out more, if they wanted to.


I was gutted – how could have I – the advocate of common sense in marketing – shown such a blatant lack of it?

It was beyond me.

The only vaguely remote situation I could compare it to was the second episode of last year’s “Apprentice UK” when one of the teams had shown up in a B2B pitch of flavoured beer without bringing the actual product for tasting.


2 thoughts on “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself, WakeUpCall. Everybody makes mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them and try not to repeat them. Although this is indeed a major marketing blunder, there are mitigating circumstances:).
    As I was part of your team during the aforementioned team-building games (and as such, an “accessory” to this gaffe) I can honestly say that you were very time-pressed, we were bickering about the group name and the design of the T-shirt until the last moment and you had to organize the whole process. When making decisions under pressure it’s easy to overlook important aspects.
    And besides, the damage was minimal as the weather on the day of the competition was just appalling – it was freezing cold, windy and raining and consequently there was hardly anybody out in the streets to marvel upon our outfits (which BTW, only you exhibited in its full glory because the rest of us were too cold to take off our jackets:))

    BTW, nice example on the link at the end – very educating.

  2. Thank you for the support, Marmeladov

    Still, having constructive discussions seeking to deliver the very best we could come up with, which is how I would call what you refer to as bickering, is hardly an excuse for overlooking such an important detail – a blunder like this would have cost a massive amount of money in a full-blown promotional campaign.

    A cost which would be there regardless of the number of people who saw the T-shirts

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